White Dilemma

There was a lot of excitement when the first Northern whites were introduced into the hobby. Not only were they a morph that could be reproduced and then introduced into the hobby, but also one that could be used widely in the production of new morphs. Fortunately or now unfortunately , the co-dom( incomplete dominance), genetics of the whites has created a dilemma.

So far most of the multi gene morph using the white northern and the super hypo, creates a white animal. Don’t get me wrong, whites are amazing but no one wants every morph road to yield a white animal. So far there are at least 5 potential new morphs 2 gene and over , that are white with only small differences such as tongue and eye colour., and some with yellowing being present. These must be proven out before it is known which genetics they contain. I find it somewhat questionable that some have gone ahead and presumed the genetics of some whites without having ever proven them out. Comments like ‘ 4 gene visual’, are spurious at best and somewhat misinformed.