Lava Morphs

The Lava morph is a simple recessive genetic morph and the combination of the albino and the hypermelanistic morphs. In the early breedings of the Lava, the pure eastern pairings of the two morphs produced stunning young, however as they aged , they developed into very undesirable adults, a washed out , un- inviting colour. As we used more genes, such as multi gene albinos, hypers and hets a brilliant orange coloured variant was developed, which we addressed as a ‘Fanta’ variant. After further research and developmental breeding we hit on one on the most colourful bluetongues ever developed, the ‘Purple Passion Lava’. The heads of these young were bright yellow with a dark lavender/purple body coloration. This sent the reptile industry into a spin, no one had seen a reptile of such a brilliant colour let alone a bluetongue. As these matured unfortunately, the purple was replaced with a silver blue colour, with eyes remaining the characteristic red. The pairing was from a Strawberry albino het hyper to a triple het ( hypo, albino, hyper).