Do I need a licence?
Yes, current NSW legislation requires reptile keepers to hold a Reptile 1 licence for T. scincoides and a Reptile 2 licence for T. scincoides intermedia.
Do morphs require any special care?
No. Since they are descendants of wild types care and housing is the same. The albino morphs are more sensitive to light, but otherwise need the same conditions.
How big should my enclosure be?
Newborns are kept in R18 racking. If the enclosure is too large for newborns they have difficulty in sourcing food and water. Adults are in glass enclosures 1200 x 45 x 30 high.
Do they need UV light?
I have seen no documented evidence that suggests that they do better with it. As long as a balanced diet containing vitamins and D3 for calcium metabolism, UV it is not a requirement.
Do you have payment plans?
Not generally, however please contact us directly for specific conditions.