Anery Morphs

Anerythristic/Anerythrism: Commonly shortened to Anery, Anerythristic means the absence of erythrism — the red pigment in their skin (including the scales).

Axanthic: only lack red or yellow or both.Axanthics are a recessive mutation that produces a black and white patterned lizard that has a combination of shades of grey, black and brown. Axanthics are a colour mutation only and will have varying hues of these colour patterns. The mutation is simple recessive.

Anery and axanthic are commonly confused as being an independent morph, a misnomer as both can appear in the same litter. The other confusion that sometimes comes up is the colour of the eye, some claiming that it needs to be black. This is not so as some true and proven Anery’s have black to dark brown eyes. Anery come in a wide range of colour hues from almost white forms to near pure black forms.

In breeding, Anery are instrumental in producing Snows (Anery albino) and in diluting or in some cases removing completely other colours, even black.