Albino Morph

Albino or amelanistic blue-tongues lack the ability to produce melanin. They therefore come in shades of yellow, red, orange and caramel. Albinism occurs when melanin is not produced by the melanocytes. Melanin is the pigment that produces the colour in the skin, scales, and eyes. They have varying degrees of blue and pink in their tongues and can have pure red/pink eyes as well as slight shades of brown in some of the complex albino morphs. T+ and T- albinos will be addressed separately. They are a simple recessive morph.

White blue-tongues are usually confused with the albino morph having as young brown stripes or patterns which usually appear the same colour (sometimes diluted) as found in the normal phenotype. The eyes are in ranges from red, black, and blue. They are not albinos.